Episode 10 (En anglais): Dignity Part II

– Fév 2021

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Episode 10 (En anglais): Dignity Part II
Broadcast Date: February 18, 2021

Note: CIAJ’s 2022 Annual Conference will examine « The Right to Dignity in Canadian Law: From the Cradle to the Grave. »


This podcast is divided into eight sections. In Dignity Part I, we explored whether dignity exists in the Canadian constitution, what the working definition of dignity entails, and how we explore dignity in an academic and legal context. In Dignity Part II, we will be looking at the current landscape of dignity in the judiciary, namely in jurisprudence, the impact of systemic discrimination and oppression on dying with dignity, as well as the current legislation and short-comings of end-of-life ethics. 

Throughout this entire podcast, at every step, we will be exploring and establishing whether the courts should consider the concept of dignity in their decisions regarding end-of-life ethics. We will notice a considerable amount of overlap and interconnection between the concept of dignity and the practice of dying with dignity.

This podcast has been guided on the criteria set out by Professor Reem Bahdi, as the supervisor of my research and the professor for the Human Dignity course at Windsor Law.


  • Roxana Jahani Aval

Roxana Jahani Aval is a second year law student at the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law where she is pursuing her Juris Doctorate degree. As a young Iranian woman, Roxana continuously advocates for young voices to be heard in the disability rights movement. Roxana is the Chairperson of the Council of Canadians with Disabilities, a national cross-disability not-for-profit organization that advocates the rights of persons with disabilities both nationally and internationally. This work includes decades of litigation work in public interest law reform. As the Past-Chair and Member-at-Large of the National Educational Association of Disabled Students, she works closely with post-secondary students to acquire accommodations, to promote accessibility on campus, and to aid students in accessing resources. Roxana received two Bachelor of Arts degrees from York University in Psychology, as well as Human Rights and Equity Studies, graduating with the highest distinction. She received the Marilyn Nearing Award for Outstanding Community Service from the York Support Network in York Region, Ontario. In addition to her volunteer work and education, Roxana is an artist, photographer, and active Iranian community member in Toronto, Ontario. She plans on pursuing a career at the Crown attorney’s office.

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