Mastering the Skill of Judgment Writing (2020 Edition)
– Joint program with the NJI

Date: April 26-30, 2020
Price per person: N/A
Location: Vancouver, BC

***COVID-19 Policy : This Program has been cancelled
Please note that the next edition will take place in April 2022

Participation in this program is approved under Section 41 (1) of the Judges Act.


  • The Honourable Justice Daniel W. Payette, Superior Court of Québec
  • The Honourable Justice Janet M. Simmons, Court of Appeal for Ontario

***Before registering for this advanced seminar, it is mandatory to have participated in the annual judgment writing seminar and then acquired a few years of experience. However, judges with extensive experience who did not attend the first course are invited to contact us if they wish to register.

Writing is at the core of the judicial function. Judges rely on their ability to craft clear, concise and persuasive reasons to ensure that their decisions are understood and accepted by the parties, other courts and the public.

Mastering the Skill of Judgment Writing—presented jointly by the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice and the National Judicial Institute—is an intensive biennial program that will help judges take their judicial writing skills to an advanced level. The seminar features extensive small-group work and individualized feedback on writing problems from experienced judicial faculty and experts on judicial writing.

After taking part in this seminar, you will return to your courtroom better able to:

  • create an effective overview, both to orient the reader and to increase your efficiency as a writer;
  • structure complex material by placing context before the details;
  • organize facts and law to create clearer, more concise judgments;
  • refine your style to create more persuasive sentences;
  • self-edit efficiently and effectively; and
  • understand your own writing process, enabling you to conquer writer’s block and its frustrations.


Please contact the Project Manager of Judicial Programs, Vicki Gondek, CMP
Tel.: 514-731-2855, extension 6
Fax: 514-731-3247