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Canada Assists Other Democracies by Sharing Its Judicial Talent

The rule of law is often described as the rule of laws and not individuals. Amidst the roar of debate about this simplistic description, some basic ideas are commonly understood…

Meet our Board of Directors: Janet McIntyre

CIAJ would like to warmly thank its board members for sharing their skills and working to improve the justice system with heart and wisdom for the benefit of society as a whole.

SCC Uses Charter Values to Essentially Expand a Defined Class of Rights Holders

Charter values that subtend Charter rights have been assigned various roles in adjudicating disputes from developing the common law to resolving genuine ambiguities in statutory interpretation.

What’s in a Name (Or Pronoun)?

I recently noticed headlines that the Federal Court of Appeal had set aside an interim Order staying the removal of Colin Ewen because the Motions Judge had raised an issue about gender pronouns…

SCC Cases and Business Ethics

I want to examine a couple of cases from the Supreme Court of Canada that demonstrate a growth of ethical principles in contracts that underpin much of the economy…

Banish Your Backlog: Concise Decision-Writing as a Teachable Skill That Improves Timely Justice

Many people know that tribunals, courts, and other government decision-makers have increasingly long backlogs. What fewer people may realize is that the length of decisions are also soaring, and that there is a strong negative correlation between decision length and how many decisions a court publishes.

Extraterritorial Investigations and the Charter

Recently, the Supreme Court of Canada was faced with two interlocking issues in McGregor. They arose from a charge of voyeurism against a member of the Canadian Armed Forces attached to the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC…

A View of the Charter Methodology Battlefield

It’s not often that a Justice in a senior appellate court characterizes an inflection point in Charter methodology as a “battlefield” between two approaches to its interpretation…

A Summer as a Judicial Intern

In this blog post, Angelika Kuzma shares her thoughts on her enriching experience shadowing the Honourable Justice Scott K. Campbell of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in the summer of 2022.

The Effect of an Arrest Warrant Issued by the International Criminal Court

In this piece, CIAJ’s collaborator James Hendry considers the effect of the arrest warrants issued last March by the ICC for Vladimir Putin and his Commissioner for Children’s Rights, Maria Lvova-Belova.