1990 | Courts, Media and the Law Conference

Conference Title: Courts, Media and the Law Conference
Date: August, 1990
Location: Winnipeg, MB

# Title Author(s) Pages Price
  290 Liberté d'expression et droit à la vie privée : Anatomie d'une réconciliation judiciaire Pierre Trudel 25 pages
  291 Media Coverage of Judicial Inquiries - Implications for Media Coverage of Court Cases John Sopinka 6 pages
  292 Media Access to Public Inquiry Commissions William Anthony Schabas 37 pages
  293 Porte-parole des tribunaux auprès des médias : le point de vue d'un journaliste Réal Barnabé 22 pages
  294 Media Spokesperson for the Courts.  A Journalist's Point of View Réal Barnabé (English version) 10 pages
  295 Principles Governing Relations Between the Judiciary and the News Media/Principes régissant les rapports entre la magistrature et les moyens d'information Canadian Judicial Council 4 pages
  296 A Journalist's Perspective Robert Enright 15 pages

1989 | Seminar on Technology, Law and the Courts

Conference Title: Seminar on Technology, Law and the Courts
Date: August, 1989
Location: Vancouver, BC

# Title Author(s) Pages Price
  240 Law and Technology - Can we Cope? Michael Kirby 25 pages
  241 Litigation Technology for Courts B. Paul Cotter, Jr. 11 pages
  242 Evidence:  The Changes that Computers Should be Making to the Admissibility of Business Documents Ken Chasse 30 pages
  243 Protocol for Videotaping Investigatory Interviews with Child Sexual Abuse Complainants Cynthia Devine 15 pages
  244 Reform of the Law of Evidence in Canada - Rolling the Stone of Sisyphus E. A. Tollefson 10 pages
  245 Admissibility and Technology Anthony F. Sheppard 23 pages
  246 Legal Issues in Prenatal Technologies Bernard M. Dickens 8 pages
  247 Advances in DNA Technology and Areas of Potential Impact on the Law Patricia Baird 8 pages
  248 Patenting Life-Forms & Owning Human Tissue Michèle Rivet 54 pages
  249 The Judicial Computer Dictionary David L. Phares, R. Ryan Reinhold 32 pages
  250 Speaking Notes "Courts and Technology" Bud Smith 27 pages
  251 The Human Brain and the Electronic Computer:  Some Similarities and Some Differences A. Derek Guthrie 33 pages
  252 Issues in the Emerging Law of Information Horace Krever 7 pages
  253 Some Emerging Issues in the Laws Relating to Information J. Fraser Mann 29 pages
  254 Computer and Information Abuse:  New Legal and Policy Challenges Donald K. Piragoff 45 pages
  255 La société informatisée et les renseignements personnels : questions pour le droit professeur René Laperrière, LL.D. 12 pages
  256 Semiconductor Chip Protection George Fisk 17 pages
  257 Computer Program Patents Martin P. J. Kratz 31 pages
  258 Commercial and Trade Secrets:  The Relationship of Employer and Employee and Supplemental Paper:  Commercial and Trade Secrets:  Some Notes Upon the Supreme Court's Decision in Lac Minerals Robert G. Howell 37 pages

1988 | Seminar on the Future Role of Appeal Courts

1987 | Seminar on Legislative Drafting and Interpretation

Conference Title: Seminar on Legislative Drafting and Interpretation
Date: August, 1987
Location: Ottawa, ON

# Title Author(s) Pages Price
  188 Should the Rules Relating to the Admissibility of Extrinsic Evidence be Relaxed? W. H. Charles, Q.C. 55 pages
  189 Comments on the Address of Prof. W. H. Charles re: Should the Rules Relating to the Admissibility of Extrinsic Evidence be Relaxed? J. A. Scollin 15 pages
  190 Formal vs. Functional Approaches to Statutory Interpretation H. Wade MacLaughlan 24 pages
  191 Interprétation stricte et interprétation libérale Pierre-André Côté 17 pages
  192 Bilingual Drafting – The Government of Canada System Peter Johnson 10 pages
  193 Rédaction bilingue des lois Gérard Bertrand 12 pages
  194 Judicial Approaches to the Interpretation of Bilingual Legislation Michael Beaupré 20 pages
  194A Méthodes judiciaires d'interprétation de la législation bilingue Michael Beaupré 20 pages
  195 The Interpretation of Bilingual Legislation R. G. L. Fairweather 29 pages
  195A L'interprétation des lois bilingues R. G. L. Fairweather 27 pages
  196 Plain Language, Legal Documents and Forms:  Background Information Gail S. Dykstra 47 pages
  197 La rédaction des lois en langage ordinaire Roch Rioux 18 pages

1986 | Judicial Seminar on the Art of Judging

Conference Title: Judicial Seminar on the Art of Judging
Date: August, 1986
Location: Edmonton, AB

# Title Author(s) Pages Price
  165 Judging - A Look to the Future Michael Kirby 30 pages
  166 A Critical Look at the Art of Judging Lynn Smith 26 pages
  167 The Art of Pre-Trial – Bibliography Anne Russell 73 pages
  168 Experimental Psychology and the Art of Judging Evidence Gary L. Wells 40 pages
  169 The Art of Judging in the Common Law Tradition R. Kerans 19 pages
  170 Judges as Legislators:  Not Whether But How Dale Gibson 30 pages
  171 The Art of Creating Law - Judicial Legislation P. Meyer 12 pages

1985 | Judicial Seminar on Family Law

Conference Title: Judicial Seminar on Family Law
Date: August, 1985
Location: Halifax, NS

# Title Author(s) Pages Price
  125 Some Comments on Bill C-47 (Being an Act Respecting Divorce and Corollary Relief) D. Mendes da Costa 67 pages
  126 Marital Fault and Custody Dispositions Edward Veitch 16 pages
  127 Privilege Communications:  Can a Case Be Made for them in Matrimonial/Custody Proceedings?  A Case Law StudyPrivilege Communications:  Can a Case Be Made for them in Matrimonial/Custody Proceedings?  A Case Law Study J. C. Cavanagh N/A pages
  128 Unequal Division of Matrimonial Property in the Common Law Provinces of Canada Peter J. M. Lown 58 pages
  129 Valuation:  Methods, Proof, Timing and Determination Aldea Landry 39 pages
  130 Some Common or Recurrent Problems Arising Under The Common Law Matrimonial Property Act Alastair Bissett-Johnson 52 pages
  131 Assessing Maintenance and Support and Determining the Indeterminate Norris Weisman 47 pages
  132 Determinate Maintenance Order:  Messier v. Delage Nancy Bateman 13 pages
  133 Maintenance:  Alimony and Maintenance Guides:  The Use, Effectiveness and Difficulties in Formulating and Applying them by a Trial Court.  The View of an Appellate Court - An American Experience Leon H. Jones 17 pages
  134 Recent Developments in Manitoba A. C. Hamilton 3 pages
  135 Pre-trials of Matrimonial Cases in Ontario D. M. Steinberg 19 pages
  136 From The Competitive to the Complementary:  The Changing Role of the Legal and Mental Health Professions in a New Territory Lorrain Filion 40 pages
  137 Custody and Access Investigations F. G. W. Dickson 38 pages
  138 The Lawyer as Mediator:  A New Role for Lawyers in the Practice of Non-adversarial Divorce Judith P. Ryan 54 pages
  139 The Reciprocal Enforcement of Maintenance Orders W. G. W. White 57 pages
  140 Enforcement of Inter-provincial and International Custody Orders E. Groffier-Atala 23 pages
  141 Artificial Reproduction and Child Custody Bernard M. Dickens 45 pages
  142 Joint Custody:  Where Has it Been, Where is it Now, and Where is it Going? J. H. Gomery 13 pages
  143 Rights of Grandparents, Step-Parents, Foster Parents, Guardians, Relatives and Friends to Custody and Access:  Are There any Guidelines? J. H. Gomery 11 pages
  144 Child Witnesses in Criminal Cases Joel E. Pink, Q.C. 45 pages
  145 Wishes and Evidence of Children:  A Discussion R. James Williams 43 pages
  146 A Child's Evidence Ronald E. Backman 22 pages
  147 A Child's Evidence Coleen Shepherd 38 pages
  148 A Child's Evidence J. D. Bracco 13 pages
  149 Section 15 of the Charter and Related Provisions:  A Structural Analysis A. Wayne MacKay 38 pages
  150 Charter Challenges and the Courts:  Definition and Enforcement of Charter Equality Rights K. M. Lysyk 25 pages
  151 Litigating Equality:  Some Formative Issues Marc Gold 17 pages
  152 Equality Past and Future:  The Relationship Between Section 15 of the Charter and the Equality Provisions in the Canadian Bill of Rights Marc Gold 14 pages
  153 The Relationship Between Section 15 and Other Sections of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms D. C. McDonald 29 pages
  154 A Discussion of Section 15 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms A. Anne McLellan 31 pages
  155 The Right to Equality:  Freedom from Majorities W. S. Tarnopolsky 35 pages
  156 Why Lawyers Should Become Familiar With Section 15 D. C. McDonald 28 pages

1984 | Judicial Seminar on Remedies

Conference Title:  Judicial Seminar on Remedies
Date: August, 1984
Location: Winnipeg, MB


# Title Author(s) Pages Price
  81 The Interlocutory Injunction:  Some Comments and Reflections with Particular Reference to the Province of Quebec P. Meyer 18 pages
  82 The Interlocutory Injunction D. M. Nunn 30 pages
  83 Mareva Injunctions and Anton Piller Orders C. F. Tallis 55 pages
  84 Declaratory Judgment:  Quebec Alternatives to Prerogative Writs and Other Procedures J. R. Hannan 39 pages
  85 Declaratory Judgments Horace Krever, Ms. Urszula Kaczmarczyk 44 pages
  86 Compensation and Restitution in Canada R. Salhany 32 pages
  87 La compensation de l’appauvrissement indû R. Lesage 47 pages
  88 Restitutionary Remedies D. W. M. Waters 26 pages
  89 The Trilogy in 1984 B. M. McLachlin 44 pages
  90 Structured Settlements A. W. Maloney 29 pages
  91 Torts:  Monetary Recovery in Other Than Personal Injury Cases J. Irvine 32 pages
  92 La réparation du préjudice originant d’un délit ou quasi-délit ou d’un abus de droit au Québec O. Frenette 143 pages
  93 Damages for Breach of Contract (Quebec Civil Law) André Brossard 54 pages
  94 Damages for Breach of Contract S. M. Waddams 73 pages
  95 The Reform of Remedies in the Criminal Process Gilles Létourneau 17 pages
  96 Section 24(1):  An Overview – Two Years Later E. G. Ewaschuk, Hart Schwartz 52 pages
  97 L’article 24 de la Charte canadienne : sa portée sur les garanties pénales André Morel 25 pages
  98 Analysis of Sentencing Provisions Contained in Bill C-19 James C. Robb 55 pages
  99 Remedies:  A View From the Top D. G. Blair 31 pages
  100 Le contrôle judiciaire en droit pénal canadien (mise à jour au 26 juin 1984) Pierre Béliveau 40 pages

1983 | Judicial Seminar on Criminal Law

Conference Title: Judicial Seminar on Criminal Law
Date: August, 1983
Location: Quebec, QC

# Title Author(s) Pages Price
  62 Réflexions sur l'article 24(2) de la Charte Canadienne des Droits et Libertés (English version also available) Daniel A. Bellamare 47 pages
  63 The Right to a Speedy Trial Daniel A. Bellemare 68 pages
  64 Le privilège de non-incrimination et les art. 11(c) et 13 de la Charte Jean-Claude Hébert 18 pages
  65 Bill C-127 (French) Rémi Bouchard 22 pages
  66 Automatism in A Nutshell Marc E. Schiffer 17 pages
  67 Notes on Section 10 of the Canadian Charter of Rights Bernard Laprade 28 pages
  68 The New Offences Against the Person (A Commentary on C-127) David Watt, Q.C. 54 pages

1982 | Judicial Review of Administrative Boards

Conference Title: Judicial Review of Administrative Boards
Date: November, 1982
Location: Montreal, QC

# Title Author(s) Pages Price
  46 L'examen judiciaire : une deuxième tentative pour obtenir justice Louis-Philippe Pigeon, C.R. 21 pages
  47 Judicial Review:  Institution and Background - The Experience of England and Wales D. G. T. Williams 31 pages
  48 Summary of Recent Developments in Judicial Review in American Administrative Law Bernard Schwartz 12 pages
  49 Le contrôle judiciaire de l'administration : vers une meilleure synthèse des valeurs de liberté individuelle de la justice sociale? René Dussault 157 pages
  50 Natural Justice and Fairness in the Administrative Process D. P. Jones 46 pages
  51 La nouvelle justice naturelle : (Devoir "d'équité procédurale") Quelques problèmes de mise en œuvre Patrice Garant 36 pages
  52 L'absence de pouvoir des organismes administratifs pour des motifs d'ordre constitutionnel : l'article 96 de l'A.A.N.B. et la Charte Canadienne des Droits et Liberté Gilles Pépin 45 pages
  53 Beyond Jurisdiction:  Judicial Review and the Charter of Rights Hudson Janisch 11 pages
  54 Les erreurs de droit dans l’exercice d’une compétence Denis Lemieux 13 pages
  55 Protection Against Judicial Review H. W. Arthurs 24 pages
  56 Les tribunaux administratifs et les restrictions au contrôle judiciaire : un plaidoyer pour une autonomie contrôlée Yves Ouellette 25 pages
  57 Access to Traditional Remedies Claude R. Thomson, Q.C., Michel Robert, C.R. 10 pages
  58 Alternatives to Judicial Review of Administrative Action - The Commonwealth of Australia's Administrative Appeals Tribunal David Mullan 21 pages
  59 The Ontario Divisional Court R. F. Reid 63 pages
  60 Some Consequences of Procedural Error David Hillel 34 pages
  61 Should There Be Judicial Review When There is an Adequate Right of Appeal Jack Giles, Q.C. 11 pages

1982 | Judicial Seminar on Evidence

Conference Title: Judicial Seminar on Evidence
Date: August, 1982
Location: Toronto, ON

# Title Author(s) Pages Price
  32 The Hearsay Rule in Civil Proceedings C. D. Gonthier 25 pages
  33 Recent Developments in the Law About Alibi and Identification Evidence R. P. Kerans 28 pages
  34 A Commentary on the Proposed Uniform Evidence Act John Sopinka 29 pages
  35 Confessions Fred Kaufman 4 pages
  36 Les sources et le droit supplétoire J. Dugas 22 pages
  37 L'acte authentique P. E. Bernier 7 pages
  38 Les autres écrits O. Frenette  N/A pages
  39 Proof in Commercial Matters in Quebec P. Meyer 12 pages
  40 Preuve sous la loi des poursuites sommaires G. Deslandes 6 pages
  41 Preuve à l'encontre d'un écrit valablement fait M. Rothman 13 pages
  42 Commencement de preuve par écrit P. Reeves 12 pages
  43 Ouï-dire M. Lagacé 11 pages
  44 Notes for a Panel Presentation on Evidence Obtained by Illegal Means or in a Manner which Infringes or Denies any Rights of Freedoms Guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms F. C. Muldoon, Q.C. 49 pages
  45 Search Warrants. (This is not an Institute paper - if you desire to receive a copy of it, it is available for the cost of reproduction.) C. A. Kosowan 80 pages

1981 | Judicial Conference on Family Law

Conference Title: Judicial Conference on Family Law
Date: August, 1981
Location: Vancouver, BC

# Title Author(s) Pages Price
  1 Judicial Writing Program B. Dickson 16 pages
  2 Children in Divorce:  Some Further Data John Eekelaar 36 pages
  3 The Role of Mental Health Expert Witness in Family Law Disputes Saul V. Levine 15 pages
  4 Approaches to the Economic Consequences of Marriage Breakdown Julian D. Payne 10 pages
  5 Approaches to the Economic Consequences of Marriage Breakdown Gail C. A. Cook 14 pages
  6 Forms of Support Orders Under the Divorce Act T. R. Berger 14 pages
  7 Interim Alimony or Maintenance as Corollary Relief Under Section 10 of the Divorce Act M. Y. Carter 22 pages
  8 The Variation of Support Orders B. Wilson 56 pages
  9 An Overview of the Income Tax Implications of Matrimonial Dissolution Clayton Shultz 28 pages
  10 In Whose Best Interests? Joseph Goldstein 25 pages
  11 The Influence of the Spouse's Conduct on the Custody of the Children Judge Albert Mayrand 27 pages
  12 Cultural Diversity in Custody Disputes Frederick H. Zemans 28 pages
  13 The Emotional Impact on Children of Divorce and Custody Robert Krell 14 pages
  14 Judging Judiciously in Child Welfare Cases G. M. Thomson 39 pages
  15 The Legal Representation of Children in Custody and Protection of Proceedings H. T. G. Andrews 61 pages
  16 Access C. R. Glube 15 pages
  17 The Variation of Custody Orders F. Murray Fraser 24 pages
  18 Future Dimensions in Family Law C. L'Heureux-Dubé 42 pages
  19 Future Dimensions in Family Law H. W. Arthurs 9 pages
  20 Family Law Conference Address B. Dickson 36 pages
  21 Expeditious Justice (Book of Proceedings)   N/A pages