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Free Student Panel & Cocktail | October 19, 2018, 1:00 – 4:00 pm, The Westin Ottawa

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Law and Happiness : Challenges and Opportunities to Improving Lawyer and Student Well-Being 

Law school and legal practice can be tough. Through audience participation, this panel will explore both the systemic and personal factors that contribute to poor mental health and wellness among law students and young lawyers. We will discuss tools and resources that students and lawyers may use to cultivate greater resilience and well-being, and methods of building a healthier legal culture.

This Free Student Panel is part of the 2018 CIAJ Annual Conference, which will address the way in which Canada’s justice system interacts with mental health at differing levels. Our Conference will present a multidisciplinary analysis (calling upon experts in law, psychiatry, psychology and social work) of the challenges faced by the intersection of mental illness and the law. Over 50 speakers will discuss systemic issues, difficulties in the courtroom, philosophical considerations, necessary future improvements, and much more!


  • Ms. Shannon Snow, Law Student, Faculty of Law, McGill University; Co-Founder and Managing Director, “Healthy Legal Minds”


  • Ms. Jessica Simon, Equity & Wellness Counsellor, Faculty of Law – Common Law Section, University of Ottawa
  • Mr. Orlando Da Silva, Senior Counsel, Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General; Motivational Speaker
  • Ms. Ellen Huang, Law Student, Faculty of Law – Common Law Section, University of Ottawa; Vice-President Equity of the Common Law Student Society
  • Mr. Nathan Afilalo, Law Student, Faculty of Law, McGill University; CIAJ Summer Student

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