Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, composed of 22 members, usually meets once a year, in October.  The next meeting will be held in Vancouver, Tuesday, November 16, 2021.

Board of Directors


First Vice-President

  • The Honourable Justice Julie Dutil (Quebec, QC)  Ι  Portrait

Second Vice-President


Past President

  • The Honourable Justice James W. O’Reilly (Ottawa, ON)  Ι  Portrait


  • (Observer) Mark Benton,Q.C., Lawyer (Vancouver, BC)  Ι  Portrait
  • Stephen Bindman (Ottawa, ON)
  • Jennifer Cox, Q.C., Commission Counsel (Halifax, NS)  Ι  Portrait
  • Miray Granovsky, Lawyer (Whitby, ON)  Ι  Portrait
  • Athanasios Hadjis, Senior Legal Counsel (Ottawa, ON)  Ι  Portrait
  • The Honourable Justice Ritu Khullar (Edmonton, AB)  Ι  Portrait
  • The Honourable Justice Lana Krogan (Regina, SK)
  • Adam O. Letourneau, Q.C., Lawyer (Lethbridge, AB)  Ι  Portrait
  • Megan Longley, Q.C., Lawyer (Halifax, NS)  Ι  Portrait
  • Professor Bradford Morse (Kamloops, BC)  Ι  Portrait
  • The Honourable Justice Michelle O’Bonsawin (Ottawa, ON)  Ι  Portrait
  • The Honourable Chief Justice  J. C. Marc Richard (Fredericton, NB)  Ι  Portrait
  • Professor Kent Roach, CM, FRSC (Toronto, Ontario)  Ι  Portrait
  • Mark Spakowski, Chief Legislative Counsel (Toronto, ON)
  • The Honourable Judge Eric J. Tolppanen (Calgary, Ab)  Ι  Portrait
  • Professor Martine Valois (Montreal, QC)
  • The Honourable Justice Peter M. Willcock (Vancouver, BC)

Honorary Directors