CIAJ is an organization which links individuals and institutions involved in the administration of justice. Its work is multi-disciplinary and wide-ranging. Collaborating with governments, professional associations, law schools, members of the legal profession and of the public, it sponsors and conducts conferences and specialized seminars and prepares comprehensive background papers.

CIAJ’s activities include:

  • Annual conferences on forward-looking topics;
  • Conferences on legislative drafting;
  • National and regional seminars on administrative law;
  • Seminars on judgment writing and decision writing;
  • Seminars for newly appointed judges and for long-serving judges;
  • Customized training programs
  • Webinars;
  • National discussions on key issues;
  • Programs for law students
  • An annual fellowship that supports research on ways to improve the administration of justice in Canada.

How we work

Programs and activities are carried out by committees whose volunteer members are leaders in their professions. They bring issues to the forefront with a view to advancing the administration of justice.