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Table of contents

  • Introduction – Trevor CW Farrow;
  • Judicial Appointments Process in England and Wales – Usha Prashar;
  • L’indépendance judiciaire et le processus de nomination des juges – Michel Bastarache;
  • La nouvelle fonction des tribunaux judiciaires dans les systèmes juridiques modernes – Martine Valois;
  • Roles and Responsibilities: For Whom? By Whom? The Irish Experience – David D Smith;
  • Models of Court Administration: Administering the Courts in the Interests of Justice – Gerald Tegart and Jeffrey Crawford;
  • Reform in Administration of the Courts – Malcolm L Heins;
  • Our Court Houses – For Whom and By Whom? – Geeta Narang;
  • Use and Occupancy: Building Codes and Maintenance Manuals in the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta – John D Rooke;
  • Rules? Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Rules – P Jonathan Faulds;
  • Use and Occupancy: Building Codes and Maintenance Manuals: Can Court Rules Increase Access to Justice – Melina Buckley;
  • Tweeting for Justice: How Should We Cover Courts in the 21st Century? – Paula Simons;
  • The Tribunal Administratif du Québec: Product of the Reform of the Quebec Administrative Justice System – Hélène de Kovachich;
  • Le Tribunal administratif du Québec : produit de la réforme de la justice administrative québécoise – Hélène de Kovachich;
  • Clustering in Ontario: The DIY Tribunal – Michael Gottheil;
  • La médiation judiciaire – Julie Dutil;
  • The Use of Electronic Signatures in Courts and Beyond: Some Questions – Gregory Hagen.

The Courts and Beyond: The Architecture of Justice in Transition – 2012

Collection of papers presented in Calgary at the 2012 CIAJ annual conference, for judges, practitioners, academics and other professionals.

Edited by:  Trevor C.W. Farrow and Patrick Molinari

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Table of contents

  • Introduction – Craig Forcese and François Crépeau;
  • Recent Trends in Global neo-Jihadi Terrorism in the West and the Turn to Political Violence – Marc Sageman;
  • Notes for a Keynote Address – A Canadian Perspective on the Challenges of Terrorism – Frank Iacobucci;
  • La justice face aux conséquences du 11 septembre – entre la sécurité nationale et Wikileaks – Jocelyn Coulon;
  • A Comparative Assessment of Canadian Counter-Terrorism Laws and Practices – Kent Roach;
  • An Evaluation of the Special Advocates Program in Canada – Lorne Waldman;
  • Réflexions sur divers mécanismes administratifs et usage de renseignements secrets : un processus adversaire à géométrie variable – François Dadour;
  • Transnational Human Rights Advocacy and the Judicial Review of Global Intelligence Agency Cooperation in Canada – Graham Hudson;
  • Between the Political and the Judicial – EU Measures on the Financing of Terrorism – Elspeth Guild;
  • Stuck at the Border: Ten Years After 9/11 – Audrey Macklin;
  • A Tale of Two Brothers: The Impact of the Khadr Cases on Anti-Terrorism Law – Robert J Currie;
  • Sentencing of Terrorism Offences after 9/11: A Comparative Review of Early Case Law – Robert Diab;
  • Symbiosis or Vassalage? National Security Investigations and the impediments to Success – Philip Wright.

Terrorism, Law & Democracy: 10 Years after 9/11 – 2011

Collection of papers presented in Montreal at the 2011 CIAJ annual conference for judges, practitioners, academics and other professionals.

Edited by:  Craig Forcese and François Crépeau

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Table of contents

  • To What Extent do Changes in Rates of Imprisonment Influence the Incidence of Offending? – William Young;
  • Purpose and Principles of Sentencing – Introduction – Thomas Crabtree;
  • Purpose and Principles of Sentencing – Greg Fitch;
  • La pénologie en pratique – Thierry Nadon;
  • The News Media’s Influence on Criminal Justice Policy: How Market-Driven News Promotes Punitiveness – Sara Sun Beale;
  • The Integration of Sentencing Principles and Release Mechanisms – Allan Manson;
  • Barriers to Conditional Release – Howard Sapers;
  • Contrer la contre-réforme en matière punitive : comment s’y prendre et comment repenses la réforme de la pénologie canadienne – Hélène Dumont.

Sentencing and Corrections: Sentencing Theory Meets Practice – 2010

Collection of papers presented in Vancouver at the 2010 CIAJ annual conference for judges, practitioners, academics and other professionals.

Edited by: Judge Patrick Healy and Patrick Molinari

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Table of contents

  • Taking Remedies Seriously: Introduction, Kent Roach and Robert J. Sharpe;
  • Rights and Remedies – Remarks, Beverley McLachlin;
  • Rights and Remedies: A Complex Relationship, Stephen A. Smith;
  • The Relationship between Rights and Remedies in Private Law: A Comparison between the Common and the Civil Law Tradition, Helge Dedek;
  • Taking Specific Performance Seriously: Trumping Damages as the Presumptive Remedy for Breach of Contract, Rosalie Jukier;
  • Discriminatory Impact of Application of Restitutio in Integrum in Personal Injury Claims, Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey;
  • Rethinking Damages for Personal Injury, Is it too late to take the facts seriously?, Jeff Berryman;
  • Damages Measured by the Benefit to the Defendant, Gordon Cameron;
  • Developments in Foreseeability and Remoteness: The Limits of Contract Damages, Stephen Waddams;
  • Strip Searches and the Silo Effect: Adopting a Holistic Approach to Charter Remedies, Gary S. Gildin;
  • Les réparations pour violation des droits des peuples autochtones : leçons de la Cour interaméricaine des droits de l’homme, Ghislain Otis;
  • Charter Remedies for Socio-economic Rights Violations: Sleeping Under a Box?, Martha Jackman;
  • Reflections of a Supervisory Order Sceptic: Ten Years after Doucet-Boudreau, Janet E. Minor and James S. F. Wilson;
  • Doucet-Boudreau, Dialogue and Judicial Activism: Tempest in a Teapot?, Paul S. Rouleau and Linsey Sherman;
  • Damages as a Remedy Against Administrative Authorities: An Area Needing Clarification, David Stratas;
  • Remedies for Discriminatory Profiling, Kent Roach;
  • The Discretionary Nature of Judicial Review, David J. Mullan;
  • Commentaire d’arrêt : Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority c. Fédération canadienne des étudiantes et étudiants — Section Colombie-Britannique, France Houle;
  • Remedies in the Human Rights Context, Heather M. MacNaughton and Jessica Connell;
  • Evaluating the Impact of Remedial Authority: Adjudicative Tribunals in the Health Sector, Lorne Sossin and Steven J. Hoffman;
  • Celebrating the CIAJ, Thomas Cromwell.

Taking Remedies Seriously – 2009

Collection of papers presented in Ottawa at the 2009 CIAJ Annual Conference, including the keynote speech of the Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of Canada, for judges, practitioners, academics and other professionals interested in remedial matters.

Edited by: Justice Robert J. Sharpe and Professor Kent Roach

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Table of contents

  • L’objection de conscience : fondement et limite, Henri Brun;.
  • Putting Reasonable Accommodation in Historical Perspective, Ian Binnie;.
  • La contribution du très honorable Antonio Lamer à l’évolution du droit à l’égalité : une pensée visionnaire, Michèle Rivet et Manon Montpetit;.
  • Development of Charter Equality Rights: The Contribution of the Right Honourable Antonio Lamer, Lynn Smith;.
  • Les processus d’accommodement religieux et autochtone dans les institutions publiques canadiennes: quelques comparaisons, David Robitaille et Sébastien Grammond;
  • Religious Fundamentalism and Freedom: Conflict or Common Cause, Sheila Greckol;.
  • The Courts’ Spectacles: Some Reflections on the Relationship between Law and Religion in Charter Analysis, David M. Brown;.
  • Being Reasonable About Reasonable Accommodation of Minority Religious Practices and Symbols;.
  • A Global Challenge in an Era of Diversity, Errol P. Mendes;.
  • Police and the Duty of Reasonable Accommodation, Alok Mukherjee;.
  • La défense de contrainte excessive est-elle possible pour les employeurs du secteur public ? Anne-Marie Laflamme;.
  • Le rôle du syndicat dans la mise en oeuvre de l’obligation d’accommodement, Anne Pineau;.
  • L’obligation d’accommodement dans le milieu de la santé et des services sociaux : moins d’accommodement et plus de personnalisation, Delphine Roigt;.
  • Obligation d’accommodement et services scolaires publics au Québec, Bergman Fleury;.
  • Le rôle du législateur : la loi peut-elle encore être limitée aux seules normes d’application générale et impersonnelle ? Martin Cauchon;.
  • Accommodements raisonnables et gouvernance : le rôle du juge, au-delà de l’interprétation et de la création du droit à l’égalité, Stéphane Bernatchez;.
  • Achieving Reasonable Accommodation through Constitutional Remedies, Jennifer Koshan; Postface – Une photo vaut-elle mille ….maux ?, Christian Brunelle.

Reasonable Accommodation and the Role of the State: A Democratic Challenge – 2008

Collection of papers presented in Quebec City at the 2008 CIAJ annual conference for judges, practitioners, academics and other professionals.

Edited by: Christian Brunelle & Patrick A. Molinari

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Table of contents

  • Introduction, Ronalda Murphy;
  • Why Do Public Inquiries Work? Dennis R. O’Connor, Freya Kristjanson;
  • Introduction to Panel on Judicial Models, Joanne Spriet;
  • Judicial Models: Can we do better? Proposed Reforms to Civil Procedure in B.C., Allan Seckel;
  • Le modèle judiciaire : pouvons-nous faire mieux ? François Rolland;
  • The Role of Mediation in Human Rights Disputes, Heather M. MacNaughton;
  • New Models in Administrative Hearings: The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, Kaye Joachim;
  • Making Mediation Effective: Models for Best Practice, Julie Macfarlane;
  • Progress in Models of Justice: From Adjudication/Arbitration through Mediation to Restorative Conferencing (and Back), Bruce P. Archibald;
  • The Privatization of Justice: Where are we going? George W. Adams;
  • Would Aristotle Have Owned an iPod?, Jamie Campbell;
  • Mental Health Courts: Can They Break the Cycle?, Richard D. Schneider;
  • Doing Justice: New Directions in Restorative Justice, Jennifer J. Llewellyn;
  • Justice for Aboriginal Communities: Sharing the Ways, Mary-Ellen Turpel Lafond;
  • Were Muslim Barbarians Really Knocking on the Gates of Ontario?: The Religious Arbitration Controversy – Another Perspective, Natasha Bakht;
  • On Private Choices and Public Justice: Some Microscopic and Macroscopic Reflections on the State’s Role in Addressing Faith-Based Arbitration, Jean-François Gaudreault-DesBiens;
  • Faith-Based Dispute Resolution, Julie Macfarlane;
  • Public Justice, Private Dispute Resolution and Democracy, Trevor C. W. Farrow.

Doing Justice: Dispute Resolution in the Courts and Beyond – 2007

Collection of papers presented in Halifax at the 2007 CIAJ annual conference for practitioners, academics, judges and other professionals.

Edited by: Ronalda Murphy and Patrick A. Molinari.

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Table of contents

  • Discovering What Tribunals Do: Tribunal Standing Before the Courts, Laverne Jacobs & Thomas Kuttner;
  • Tribunal Independence and Impartiality: Rethinking the Theory after Bell and Ocean Port Hotel – A Call for Empirical Analysis, Laverne Jacobs;
  • The Expert Tribunal, Laverne Jacobs & Thomas Kuttner;
  • Tribunals and Policy Making: From Legitimacy to Fairness, Lorne Sossin & France Houle;
  • Designing Mediation Systems for Use in Administrative Agencies and Tribunals – The B.C. Human Rights Experience, Philip Bryden & William Black;
  • Standards of Review in Administrative Law, David Phillip Jones;
  • Analyzing Problems of Exclusive and Concurrent Jurisdiction, Aloke Chatterjee;
  • Consistency in Tribunal Decision Making: What Really Goes On Behind Closed Doors … Kevin Whitaker, Michael Gottheil & Michael Uhlmann

Dialogue between Courts and Tribunals: Essays in Administrative Law and Justice – (2001-2007)

A collection of essays representing the papers presented and discussed at the annual CIAJ Administrative Law national and regional roundtables held across Canada for judges, tribunal members and academics.

Published with Les Éditions THÉMIS and the generous support of the Law Foundation of British Columbia.

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Table of contents

  • Sustainability, Globalization and the Rule of Law, John A. Fraser;
  • Conflict Resolution and Sustainability Disputes: Authority and Consensus in the Shadow of Law, Fabien Gélinas;
  • Courts and Tribunals Through a Sustainability Lens: New Questions and New Expectations, S. Glenn Sigurdson;
  • Sustainable Development – Local Government Powers, Donald Lidstone;
  • The Collaborative Tales: Exploring the Role of Public Engagement in Achieving Sustainable Development within the Olympic Movement, Joseph Weiler and Arun Mohan;
  • The Olympic Games, the Law and the Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability, Richard Pound, Ken Bagshaw, Linda Coady, Joseph Weiler, Margaret Dickson and Arun Mohan;
  • Sustainable Development and Energy Resources/Développement durable et ressources énergétiques, Michel Yergeau;
  • Sustainability in the Mining and Forest Sectors – A NAFTA Perspective, Jon R. Johnson;
  • Sustainable Development in World Trade Law: New Instruments, Markus W. Gehring;
  • Sustainable Development as Freedom: Globalization and Rights-Based Approaches to Environmental Governance in China, Kishan Khoday;
  • Sustainable Development and Investment Treaty Law, Andrew Newcombe.

Sustainable Development and the Law: People – Environment – Culture – 2006

Collection of papers presented in Vancouver at the 2006 CIAJ annual conference for practitioners, academics, judges and other professionals.

Edited by: Shi-Ling Hsu and Patrick A. Molinari

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Table of contents

  • Introduction – Overview of Technological Challenges to Privacy and Security, Arthur J. Cockfield and Lisa M. Austin;

Part I – Civil Litigation

  • Information Technologies and Globalization, R Roy McMurtry;
  • Privacy Enters the Canadian Courtroom: The Privacy Rights of Litigants and Witnesses, Simon Chester;
  • Guidelines for the Discovery of Electronic Documents in Ontario, Colin L. Campbell;
  • Model Policy for Access to Court Records in Canada, Judges Technology Advisory Committee;
  • Synthesis of the Comments on JTAC’s Discussion Paper on Open Courts, Electronic Access to Court Records, and Privacy, Lisa M Austin and Frédéric Pelletier;

Part II – Criminal and Terrorist Investigations

  • Protecting the Social Value of Privacy in the Context of Police Investigations Using New Technologies, Arthur J. Cockfield;
  • Reflections on Public Interests and Private Rights: Conflict or Convergence? William Pentney;
  • Information Technology, National Security & Privacy Protection, David Loukidelis;

Technology Privacy and Justice – 2005

Collection of papers presented in Toronto at the 2005 CIAJ annual conference for judges, practitioners, academics and other professionals.

Edited by: Lisa M. Austin, Arthur J. Cockfield and Patrick A. Molinari

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Table of contents

  • Allocution d’introduction, J.J. Michel Robert;
  • Public Sector Governance and Accountability – Key Elements to Earn the Public Trust, Erik Peters;
  • La gouvernance des entreprises publiques et para-publiques, Guy Breton;
  • Dual Class Share Structures and Minority Shareholder Recourse in Canada, Stephanie Ben–Ishai;
  • Progress Report on Corporate Governance Initiatives, Susan Wolburgh Jenah;
  • Judicial Regulation of the Legal Profession in the United States, Mark I. Harrison;
  • The Governance of Professions – Notes for an Address, David Smith;
  • La responsabilité pénale des organizations, Jean-Claude Hébert;
  • Accountability of Administrative Tribunals: Does the Present Design Ensure Independence? T Murray Rankin;
  • L’autonomie administrative des tribunaux, Robert Pidgeon;
  • Modernizing Models of Court Administration: A Time for Change, Catherine Fraser;
  • Introduction à l’allocution de la présentation de la Professeure Raymonde Crête, Patrick Baillie;
  • Les vérificateurs après la tempête financière: un regard particulier sur un nouveau régime de responsabilité civile destiné aux investisseurs du marché secondaire des valeurs mobilières, Raymonde Crête;
  • Les enjeux juridiques et éthiques de la gouvernance, des institutions publiques, des entreprises, des professions et des tribunaux, Charles D. Gonthier.

Governance of Public Institutions, Professions, Corporations, Tribunals and Courts – 2004

Collection of papers presented in La Malbaie at the 2004 CIAJ annual conference for judges, practitioners, academics and other professionals.

Edited by: Denis Lemieux and Patrick A. Molinari