Research papers


Year Author Title Conference
2018 Véronique Fortin Final text to come
Justice and Mental Health
October 2018 – Ottawa, ON
2017 Vrinda Narain Difference and Inclusion Reframing Reasonable Accommodation
The Charter Challenge Conundrum: The Clash of Rights and Values and the Canadian Cultural Mosaic
October 2017 – Montreal, QC
2016 Heather Heavin and Michaela Keet  The Path of Lawyers: Enhancing Predictive Ability through Risk Assessment Methods(PowerPoint) – (Handout)
Civil Justice and Economics: A Matter of Value
October 2016 – Ottawa, ON
2015 Jeffery G. Hewitt Indigenous Restorative Justice: Approaches, Meaning & Possibility
Aboriginal Peoples and Law – “We Are All Here to Stay”
October 2015 – Saskatoon, SK
2014 Elaine Gibson Wired Identities:  Retention and Destruction of Personal Health Information in an Electronic World
Privacy in the Age of Information
October 2014 – St. John’s, NL
and Clayton Peterson
Essay on the Many Faces of Truth in the Law of Evidence
How Do We Know What We Think We Know: Facts in the Legal System
October 2013 – Toronto, ON
2012 Martine Valois  La nouvelle fonction des tribunaux judiciaires dans les systèmes juridiques – PowerPoint
The Courts and Beyond: The Architecture of Justice in Transition
October 2012 – Calgary, AB
2011 Graham Hudson Transnational Human Rights Advocacy and the Regulation of Global Intelligence Cooperation in Canada 
Terrorism, Law and Democracy: 10 years after 9/11
October 2011 – Montreal, QC
2010 Allan Manson The Integration of Sentencing Principles and Release Mechanisms  
Sentencing and Corrections: Sentencing Theory Meets Practice
October 2010 – Vancouver, BC
2009 Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey Discriminatory Impact of Application of Restitutio in Integrum in Personal Injury Claims
Taking Remedies Seriously
October 2009 – Ottawa, ON
2008 Les processus d’accommodement religieux et autochtone dans les institutions publiques canadiennes:  quelques comparaisons
Reasonable Accommodation and the Role of the State: A Democratic Challenge
September 2008 – Quebec City, QC
2007 Trevor C.W. Farrow Public Justice, Private Dispute Resolution and Democracy
Doing Justice: Dispute Resolution in the Courts and Beyond
October 2007 – Halifax, NS
2006 Andrew Newcombe Sustainable Development and Investment Treaty Law
Sustainable Development and the Law: People – Environment – Culture
October 2006 – Vancouver, BC
2005 Arthur J. Cockfield Protecting the Social Value of Privacy in the Context of Police Investigations Using New Technologies
Technology, Privacy and Justice
September 2005 – Toronto, ON
2004 Raymonde Crête Les vérificateurs après la tempête financière: un regard particulier sur un nouveau régime de responsabilité civile destiné aux investisseurs du marché secondaire des valeurs mobilières
Governance of Public Institutions, Professions, Corporations, Tribunals and Courts: Ethics, Responsibility and Independence
October 2004 – La Malbaie, QC
2003 Janis Sarra Corporate Social Responsibility in the Global Economy: Canadian Domestic Law and Legal Processes as a Vehicle for Creating and Enforcing International Norms
Participatory Justice in a Global Economy: The New Rule of Law?
October 2003 – Banff, AB
2002 Barbara Billingsley Listening to the Dialogue: An Examination of the Degree of Public and Media Attention Provided to the Legislative Responses to Court Decisions Involving Equality Rights and Sexual Orientation
Dialogues about Justice: The Public, Legislators, Courts and the Media
October 2002 – Hull, QC
2001 Geneviève Cartier La discrétion administrative : une occasion de dialogue entre les tribunaux et les citoyens
Citizenship and Citizen Participation in the Administration of Justice
October 2001 – Halifax, NS