Research papers


Year Author Title Conference
2022 Lauren Cavallier La dignité autochtone au sein du système de santé québécois
The Right to Dignity in Canadian Law
October 2022 – Halifax, NS and Online
2020 – 2021 Tenzin Butsang and Angela Mashford-Pringle Kijibashik – Turn it Around: Stories About Motherhood from Previously Incarcerated Indigenous Mothers in Ontario
Indigenous Peoples and the Law
November 2021 – Vancouver, BC and Online
2019 Ignacio N. Cofone and Katherine J. Strandburg Regulating Algorithmic Transparency in the Administration of Justice
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Social Media on Legal Institutions
October 2019 – Quebec City, QC
2018 Véronique Fortin Final text to come
Justice and Mental Health
October 2018 – Ottawa, ON
2017 Vrinda Narain Difference and Inclusion Reframing Reasonable Accommodation
The Charter Challenge Conundrum: The Clash of Rights and Values and the Canadian Cultural Mosaic
October 2017 – Montreal, QC
2016 Heather Heavin and Michaela Keet  The Path of Lawyers: Enhancing Predictive Ability through Risk Assessment Methods(PowerPoint) – (Handout)
Civil Justice and Economics: A Matter of Value
October 2016 – Ottawa, ON
2015 Jeffery G. Hewitt Indigenous Restorative Justice: Approaches, Meaning & Possibility
Aboriginal Peoples and Law – “We Are All Here to Stay”
October 2015 – Saskatoon, SK
2014 Elaine Gibson Wired Identities:  Retention and Destruction of Personal Health Information in an Electronic World
Privacy in the Age of Information
October 2014 – St. John’s, NL
and Clayton Peterson
Essay on the Many Faces of Truth in the Law of Evidence
How Do We Know What We Think We Know: Facts in the Legal System
October 2013 – Toronto, ON
2012 Martine Valois  La nouvelle fonction des tribunaux judiciaires dans les systèmes juridiques – PowerPoint
The Courts and Beyond: The Architecture of Justice in Transition
October 2012 – Calgary, AB
2011 Graham Hudson Transnational Human Rights Advocacy and the Regulation of Global Intelligence Cooperation in Canada 
Terrorism, Law and Democracy: 10 years after 9/11
October 2011 – Montreal, QC
2010 Allan Manson The Integration of Sentencing Principles and Release Mechanisms  
Sentencing and Corrections: Sentencing Theory Meets Practice
October 2010 – Vancouver, BC
2009 Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey Discriminatory Impact of Application of Restitutio in Integrum in Personal Injury Claims
Taking Remedies Seriously
October 2009 – Ottawa, ON
2008 Les processus d’accommodement religieux et autochtone dans les institutions publiques canadiennes:  quelques comparaisons
Reasonable Accommodation and the Role of the State: A Democratic Challenge
September 2008 – Quebec City, QC
2007 Trevor C.W. Farrow Public Justice, Private Dispute Resolution and Democracy
Doing Justice: Dispute Resolution in the Courts and Beyond
October 2007 – Halifax, NS
2006 Andrew Newcombe Sustainable Development and Investment Treaty Law
Sustainable Development and the Law: People – Environment – Culture
October 2006 – Vancouver, BC
2005 Arthur J. Cockfield Protecting the Social Value of Privacy in the Context of Police Investigations Using New Technologies
Technology, Privacy and Justice
September 2005 – Toronto, ON
2004 Raymonde Crête Les vérificateurs après la tempête financière: un regard particulier sur un nouveau régime de responsabilité civile destiné aux investisseurs du marché secondaire des valeurs mobilières
Governance of Public Institutions, Professions, Corporations, Tribunals and Courts: Ethics, Responsibility and Independence
October 2004 – La Malbaie, QC
2003 Janis Sarra Corporate Social Responsibility in the Global Economy: Canadian Domestic Law and Legal Processes as a Vehicle for Creating and Enforcing International Norms
Participatory Justice in a Global Economy: The New Rule of Law?
October 2003 – Banff, AB
2002 Barbara Billingsley Listening to the Dialogue: An Examination of the Degree of Public and Media Attention Provided to the Legislative Responses to Court Decisions Involving Equality Rights and Sexual Orientation
Dialogues about Justice: The Public, Legislators, Courts and the Media
October 2002 – Hull, QC
2001 Geneviève Cartier La discrétion administrative : une occasion de dialogue entre les tribunaux et les citoyens
Citizenship and Citizen Participation in the Administration of Justice
October 2001 – Halifax, NS