Transforming the Justice System

CIAJ is committed to promoting excellence in the administration of justice and holds a wide range of activities designed to expand knowledge and improve justice in Canada, in collaboration with courts, organizations and members of the entire legal profession.

CIAJ is also working closely with various stakeholders across the country to develop specific initiatives aimed at transforming the justice system:


Access to Justice

2023- | National Summits on Access to Justice >Report
In August 2023, stakeholders from New Brunswick’s justice community came together to discuss changes required to the province’s family law system and the role of digital technology. More national summits will be held in other provinces. 



Court Modernization

2023 | National Survey on Canadian Judges and Technology >Report
Report on the Results of a Survey of Canadian Judges Concerning Technology in Judging, conducted by the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice and Athabasca University in 2022.



2021 | Webinar Series on Court Modernization >Videos
This webinar series held in collaboration with PwC Canada is aiming to initiate a discussion on the future of justice and help pave the way to a major roundtable.



Jury Representation

Spring/fall 2019 | Provincial Roundtables on Jury Representation >Reports
In the spring and fall of 2019, CIAJ held provincial roundtables on the topic of systemic barriers to the representation of Indigenous Peoples and racialized minorities on juries in Canada. Key players in the justice system were brought together to take part in the discussions.



Criminal Delays

2017-2019 | Provincial Roundtables on Criminal Delays >Reports
CIAJ held a set of roundtables in jurisdictions across Canada on the topic of criminal court delays. The roundtables were composed of judges, defence lawyers, crown lawyers, and other important players in the criminal justice system.