Specialized seminars

2015 | Genetics and Genomics – What Do I Need to Know? Overview in Medical Genetics and State of the Law

Title: Genetics and Genomics – What Do I Need to Know? Overview in Medical Genetics and State of the Law
Date: March 27, 2015
Co-Chairs: The Honourable Justice Georgina Jackson, Dr. Barbara McGillivray 
Location: Toronto, ON

# Title Author(s) Pages Price
  SP175 A Family Affair: Forensic DNA Databases and Privacy Implications for Biological Relatives Patricia Kosseim pages
  SP176 Une affaire de famille : les banques de données génétiques judiciaires et leur incidence sur la vie privée des personnes apparentées Patricia Kosseim  pages
  SP177 A Family Affair:  Forensic DNA Databases and Privacy Implications for Biological Relatives (PowerPoint) Patricia Kosseim 9 pages
  SP178 Genetic Conditions and the Family (PowerPoint) Barbara McGillivray  22 pages
  SP179 Impact of Genetic Discrimination and Recommendations for Genetic Non-Discrimination Protection (PowerPoint) Bev Heim-Myers  16 pages
  SP180 Behavioural Genetics and Criminal Sentencing Across Two Decades (PowerPoint) Deborah W. Denno 19 pages
  SP181 Courts’ Increasing Consideration of Behavioral Genetics Evidence in Criminal Cases: Results of a Longitudinal Study - 2011 Michigan State Law Review 967 Deborah W. Denno pages

2014 | Youth, Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System

Title: Youth, Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System
Date: February 13, 2014
Co-Chairs: The Honourable Justice Michele M. Murphy, Superintendent Mike O'Malley
Location: Fredericton, NB

# Title Author(s) Pages Price
  SP163 Youth and Mental Health - Canadian Mental Health Association of New Brunswick (PowerPoint) Robin Ward 6 pages
  SP164 Youth, Mental Health and the Justice System (PowerPoint) Brian Ford 16 pages
  SP165 Youth, Mental Health and the Justice System Hélène Hamel 5 pages
  SP166 How do Mental Health Problems Lead to Legal Problems (PowerPoint) Hélène Hamel 11 pages
  SP167 Living in the Community (PowerPoint) Christian Whalen 6 pages
  SP168 Youth Intervention and Diversion Rick Shaw 9 pages
  SP169 Atlantic Youth Intervention & Diversion (RCMP) (PowerPoint) Rick Shaw 9 pages
  SP170 Youth Intervention Outreach Program Paula Finkle 23 pages
  SP171 Building Resiliency in Youth (PowerPoint) Michelle Maccallum 31 pages
  SP172 Youth Mental Health Court - Pros and Cons (PowerPoint) David Orr 36 pages
  SP173 Youth Mental Health Needs - The Potential of Mental Health Courts and Court Mental Health Liaisons (PowerPoint) Mary Ann Campbell 12 pages

2013 | Ethics and Civility in the Practice of Law

Title: Ethics and Civility in the Practice of Law
Date: December 13, 2013
Chair: Gavin MacKenzie
Location: Toronto, ON

# Title Author(s) Pages Price
  SP156 Class Proceedings and Lawyers' Conflicts of Interest Paul Perell 28 pages
  SP157 Lundy et al v. Via Rail Inc. et al., 111 OR (3d) Paul Perell 12 pages
  SP158 Comments on Systemic Incivility for Harmed Individuals & Communities - Case Study of Former Students of Indian Residential Schools Elizabeth Sanderson 8 pages
  SP159 Duties & Ethical Challenges of Government Lawyers (PowerPoint) Elizabeth Sanderson 13 pages
  SP160 Lessons Learned:  Analysis of the Supreme Court of Canada's decision in CNR v. McKercher Malcolm M. Mercer 16 pages
  SP161 CN v McKercher - Conflicts and Current Clients (PowerPoint) Malcolm M. Mercer 58 pages
  SP162 Criminal Lawyers – Putting Up a Defence?  (PowerPoint) Alan C. Hutchinson 6 pages

2013 | Medical Ethics, Law and Genetics

Title: Medical Ethics, Law and Genetics
Date: April 5, 2013
Co-Chairs:  The Honourable Justice Georgina Jackson, Dr. Barbara McGillivray
Location: Vancouver, BC

# Title Author(s) Pages Price
  SP135 Gene Mutation and the Family - Some Case Outlines Barbara McGillivray 1 pages
  SP135A Medical Genetics, Law and Ethics, Genetic Conditions and the Family Barbara McGillivray 14 pages
  SP136 Whole Genome Sequencing and the Physician A. Thorogood, B. M. Knoppers, W. J. Dondorp, G. M. W. R. de Wert  pages
  SP137 Cancer and Genetic Risks - Informing family members about a hereditary predisposition to cancer:  attitudes and practices among climinal geneticists Yrrah H. Stol, Fred H. Menko, Marjan J. Westerman, Rien M. J. P. A. Janssens pages
  SP138 Crossroads:  Where Medicine and Humanities Meet - To Warn or Not to Warn?  Genetic Information, Families and Physicians Liability (Volume 8, No. 1, MJM 2004:8 72-78) Jennifer L. Gold pages
  SP139 New Scientists Website - Killer Convicted Thanks to Relative's DNA Shaonni Bhattacharya pages
  SP140 Crime in Hungtington's disease:  a study of registered offences among patients, relatives and controls Per Jensen, Kirsten Fenger, Tom G. Bolwig, Sven Asger Sorensen pages
  SP142 Medical Genetics, Law and Ethics (PowerPoint) Elizabeth Bennett 24 pages
  SP143 Pathological Aggression in "Fierce" Mice Corrected by Human Nuclear Receptor 2E1 Brett S. Abrahams, Melvin C. H. Kwok, Eric Trinh, Saeed Budaghzadeh, Sazzad M. Hossain and Elizabeth M. Simpson pages
  SP144 Of Mice and Men:  Will the Intersection of Social Science and Genetics Create New Approaches for Intimate Partner Violence? Patricia A. Janssen, Tonia L. Nicholls, Ravinesh A. Kumar, Harry Stefanakis, Alicia L. Spidel, Elizabeth M. Simpson pages
  SP145 Initial Association of NR2E1 With Bipolar Disorder and Identification of Candidate Mutations in Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia and Aggression Through Resequencing Ravinesh A. Kumar, Kevin A. McGhee, Stephen Leach, Russell Bonaguro, Alan Maclean, Rosalie Aguirre-Hernandez, Brett S. Abrahams, Emil F. Coccaro, Sheilagh Hodgins, Gustavo Turecki, Anne Condon, Walter J. Muir, Angela R. Brooks-Wilson, Douglas H. Blackwood and Elizabeth M. Simpson pages
  SP146 Italian appeal court:  a genetic predisposition to commit murder? Francesca Forzano, Pascal Borry, Anne Cambon-Thomsen, Shirley V. Hodgson, Aad Tibben, Petrus de Vries, Carla van El, Martina Cornel pages
  SP147 Watters v White & Trossman, Quebec Court of Appeal France Thibault, Louis Rochette, Nicholas Kasirer pages
  SP148 Paediatric Research and the Communication of Not-so incidental findings Bartha Maria Knoppers  pages
  SP148A Genetic Conditions and the Family (PowerPoint) Bartha Maria Knoppers 3 pages
  SP148B Technological Advances in the Human Genome:  Socio-Ethical and Legal Issues (PowerPoint) Bartha Maria Knoppers 7 pages
  SP149 Borderline Personality Disorder Falk Leichsenring, Eric Leibing, Johannes Kruse, Antonia S. New, Frank Leweke pages
  SP150 Intra-Familial Obligations to Communicate Genetic Risk Information:  What Foundations? What Forms? Gillian Nycum, Bartha Maria Knoppers, Denis Avard pages
  SP151 Risky Individuals and the Politics of Genetic Research Into Agressiveness and Violence Elisa Pieri, Mairi Levitt pages
  SP152 Do We Need Legislation to Protect Canadians' Genetic Rights?  The Yes Side Globe and Mail:  Bev Heim-Meyers pages
  SP153 Revisiting Genetic Discrimination Issues in 2010:  Policy Options for Canada, Policy Brief No. 2; 15 June 2010 Genome Canada:  Trudo Lemmens, Daryl Pullman, Rebecca Rodal pages
  SP154 MAO v The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration - Date:  20031202, Docket: IMM-459-02, Citation:  2003 FC 1406 The Honourable Madam Justice Heneghan pages
  SP155 Use and Misuse of Genetic Information Outside the Therapeutic Context (PowerPoint) Yann Joly 18 pages

2013 | “Ambiguous Crossroads” – Persons with Mental Health Problems and the Criminal Justice System

Title: "Ambiguous Crossroads" - Persons with Mental Health Problems and the Criminal Justice System
Date: February 1, 2013
Co-Chairs: The Honourable Judge Anne Derrick, The Honourable Justice Joel Fichaud, Professor H. Archibald Kaiser
Location: Halifax, NS

# Title Author(s) Pages Price
  SP120 Index H. Archibald Kaiser 1 pages
  SP121 Conway: A Bittersweet Victory for not Criminally Responsible accused H. Archibald Kaiser 16 pages
  SP122 Bouchard-Lebrun:  Unduly Limiting Toxic Psychosis and Reigniting the Dangerous Intoxication Debate H. Archibald Kaiser 12 pages
  SP123 Commentary - Too Good To Be True:  Second Thoughts on the Proliferation of Mental Health Courts H. Archibald Kaiser 7 pages
  SP124 Health Law in Canada - Canadian Prisoners with Mental Health Problems:  The Promise (And Limits) of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities H. Archibald Kaiser 28 pages
  SP125 The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Beginning to Examine the Implications for Canadian Lawyers’ Professional Responsibilities H. Archibald Kaiser 9 pages
  SP126 A Case of Falling Between the Cracks (PowerPoint) Aileen Brunet 7 pages
  SP127 An Overview of the Challenges (PowerPoint) H. Archibald Kaiser 67 pages
  SP128 Best Practice in Employment if Living with a Mental Illness (PowerPoint) Bob Jollota 15 pages
  SP129 Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Living in the Community - Navigating the Criminal Justice System (PowerPoint) Cynthia Carroll 9 pages
  SP131 Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia - A Reason to Hope:  The Means to Cope (PowerPoint) Stephen Ayer 12 pages
  SP132 First Contact with the Justice System:  Providing Police Services for Persons with Mental Health Problems William Moore, Mike Alford, David Fairfax  25 pages
  SP133 Role Expectations for Crown and Defence Lawyers Karen Hudson, Mark Heerema, Jamie Van Wart, Connie MacIsaac, Roger Burrill 16 pages
  SP134 Courtroom Dilemmas Anne Derrick, Andrew Starzomski, Pamela Williams, Peter Rosinski 14 pages

2011 | Mental Health and the Justice System: Barriers and Solutions

Title: Mental Health and the Justice System: Barriers and Solutions
Date: September 26, 2011
Co-Chairs: Linda P. Lamoureux, Emanuela Heyninck
Location: Toronto, ON

# Title Author(s) Pages Price
  SP103 The Stigma of Mental Illness: A Survivor’s Story (PowerPoint) Karen Liberman 20 pages
  SP104 National Policing Improvement Agency, UK - Guidance on Responding to People with Mental Ill Health or Learning Disabilities - 2010   pages
  SP105 Civil Justice Reform Project: Summary of Findings & Recommendations, November 2007 Coulter A. Osborne 176 pages
  SP106 Models of Problem Solving Civil Jurisdictions:  A Few Reflections on two Systems for Civil Commitment (PowerPoint) Alexander Simpson 17 pages
  SP107 Mount Sinai Hospital: A Cultural Competency Training Manual for Law and Mental Health Professionals, September 2009 - Mount Sinai Hospital: Service Directory 2008/2009 Mount Sinai Hospital pages
  SP109 Ontario Chart of Mental Health Related Statutes Lorne Sossin 4 pages
  SP110 “Trial Run,” Wall Street Journal Article Matthew D'Emic 3 pages
  SP111 New York State Unified Court System - Mental Health Court Mission Statement & Key Principles Alison M. Hamanjian 6 pages
  SP112 New York State Mental Health Courts (MHC) Key Principles, Court Components and Planning Tasks Alison M. Hamanjian 4 pages
  SP113 Accessibility for People with Disabilities in Ontario Courts Bob Sherman 5 pages
  SP114 Strategies for Dealing with Clients with Mental Health Issues - Human Rights Conference 2009 ( - no longer accessible Bharmal and Nielsen 2009 CLE BC; with permission of the British Columbia Legal Assistance Society  pages
  SP117 Providing Legal Services to People with Disabilities, December 2010 ARCH Disability Law Centre pages
  SP118 Making Ontario Courts Fully Accessible to Persons with Disabilities (the Weiler Report), December 2006   pages
  SP119 Guideline on Procedures with Respect to Vulnerable Persons Appearing Before the IRB   pages

2010 | Mental Health and Its Impact on the Justice System

Title: Mental Health and its Impact on the Justice System
Date: October 12, 2010
Co-Chairs: Heather MacNaughton, Joanne Spriet
Location: Vancouver, BC

Participants in the justice system who present with mental health and cognitive challenges are a reality of today’s Civil and Criminal Courts and Tribunals.

Cuts in available legal aid and other social services, have resulted in many such participants appearing without the assistance of legal counsel or other advocates. This seminar, held in Vancouver on October 12, 2010, brought together a group of experts and participants from across the justice system to discuss how to identify those with mental health and cognitive challenges, how those challenges might manifest themselves, and best practices or new ways of dealing with this group of participants. We hope these materials will serve as a starting point for an ongoing discussion.

# Title Author(s) Pages Price
  SP97 Seattle's Mental Health Courts:  Early Indicators of Effectiveness (Eric Trupin, Henry Richards) Judge Anne Harper 21 pages
  SP98 Mental Health Court Culture:  Leaving Your Hat at the Door (The National Centre for State Courts) Judge Anne Harper 80 pages
  SP99 Putting Therapeutic Jurisprudence into Practice:  The Growth, Operations and Effectiveness of Mental Health Court  (Arthur J. Lurigio and Jessica Snowden) Judge Anne Harper 23 pages
  SP100 Problem-Solving Justice Toolkit Judge Anne Harper 48 pages
  SP101 Cognitive and Developmental Disabilities in the Courtroom Dr. Derryk Smith 118 pages
  SP102 Downtown Community Court (PowerPoint) Allan Shoom 25 pages

2004 | Law in a Fearful Society Symposium

Title: Law in a Fearful Society Symposium
Date: September 30 - October 7, 2004
Location: Vancouver, BC

# Title Author(s) Pages Price
  SS-2004-01 Programme 11 pages
  SS-2004-02 Community Mobilization Program Project Report/Evaluation 11 pages