Seminar for New Federally Appointed Judges (Spring Program)
– Joint program with the NJI

Date: April 7-13, 2018
Price per person: N/A
Location: Gatineau, QC


  • Justice Michael F. Brown, Superior Court of Justice (Ontario), Toronto
  • Justice Lauri Ann Fenlon, Court of Appeal for British Columbia, Vancouver
  • Justice Nicole M. Gibeau, Superior Court of Quebec, Montreal, QC

Participation at this program is approved under Section 41 (1) of the Judges Act.


This program, offered jointly by the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice and the National Judicial Institute, is designed so that new judges may participate in sessions that are most relevant to them topically. Throughout the week, the seminar subjects are divided between those that apply to Common Law jurisdictions, those that apply to Civil Law jurisdictions, or both. Where Common Law and Civil Law jurisdictions overlap, the groups have been combined and translation services will be provided.


Please contact the Project Manager of Judicial Programs, Vicki Gondek, CMP
Tel.: 514-343-6111 ext. 4098
Fax: 514-343-6296