2016 Judgment Writing Seminar

Date: June 27-30, 2016
Price per person: N/A
Location: Le Westin Montreal, 270 Saint-Antoine St. West, Montreal, QC


This seminar is designed to assist judges in improving their judgment-writing skills. The program includes lectures, discussions, and workshops that stress the nature of good prose, point-first writing and the special requirements and special challenges of judicial writing. Since the art of writing is a skill that, like all skills, can be improved only through practice, much of the instruction will center on written exercises and judgments. Please note that the number of available places is limited.

Each judge will be assigned an instructor who will read a sample of the judge’s writing prior to the seminar and will supervise the seminar discussions and workshops. The academic faculty members, most associated with major Canadian universities, have been chosen for their writing abilities as well as for their experience in teaching legal writing.


  • Justice James O’Reilly, Federal Court, Ottawa, ON
  • Justice Daniel W. Payette, Superior Court of Quebec, Montreal, QC