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Which Rights? Whose Voices?

If we are truly to value our diversity and see it as a strength at a time when we need as much wisdom as we can find, we must be willing to embrace others and not simply be tolerant. Tolerance and sympathy are not the same as empathy and respecting each other as equals.

Creatures of Statute: Born Free, Bound in Chains. A Unifying Principle of Administrative Law?

Imagine. You are a dog. A small dog with big attitude. You are out for a walk in the park, minding your own business. You head for the spot you always go for. As you run, all of a sudden SNAP! The leash becomes taught, the collar tightens, and you can’t breathe. You fall to […]

We Can Run and Hide, But Should We?

As human beings, with innate compassion and empathy, we are obviously not immune from the connectivity that comes with the proliferation of social media, email and the internet. Conversations have opened up about the appropriate ways we should engage with these digital communication platforms.

Administrative Law and the Rise of Populism

Commentators have suggested that the rise of populism is a function of the failure of liberal democracy to be relevant to the lives of all but elites. Most people feel alienated from, and abandoned by, democratic institutions. We are told to trust the experts, but that has not turned out so well.