Webinar #1 I Questing for Parentage: Surrogacy Across Borders (1:26:22)


Wednesday, June 21, 2023

90-minute webinar


Surrogacy has become a popular option for couples or individuals to become parents when they cannot conceive a child. While surrogacy offers the hope of parenthood to a wide diversity of people, it also raises complex legal and ethical issues, particularly when arrangements cross national or international borders.

Because each province has jurisdiction over surrogacy, the rules may vary from one place to another within Canada. The federal Assisted Human Reproduction Act also regulates surrogacy, notably prohibiting compensation for a surrogate beyond reimbursement for reasonable expenses. Despite the overlapping and varying set of laws, many people from outside the country arrange surrogacy agreements in Canada.

This webinar explores the ethical considerations, challenges, and complexities of cross-border surrogacy. The panellists will discuss the legal implications for intended parents, surrogates, and the children born through surrogacy, and examine potential gaps in the laws and regulations related to it.

Join us for an engaging discussion and learn from our experts to develop a comprehensive understanding of the complex issues surrounding surrogacy across borders.


  • Dr. Stefanie Carsley, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law − Common Law Section, University of Ottawa; 
  • Vanessa Gruben, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law − Common Law Section, University of Ottawa; 
  • Erin Nelson, Professor, Fellow and Member of the Advisory Board, Health Law Institute, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta

Moderator:Angela Campbell, Full Professor & Associate Provost (Equity & Academic Policies), McGill University Faculty of Law

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