Webinar #3 | Transforming the Justice System: Exploring a Trauma-Informed Approach (1:25:32)

This program contains 1.30 CPD hour in all Canadian provinces. 

Date: This webinar was recorded on November 30, 2021
Language: Bilingual, with simultaneous interpretation
Theme: Webinar series on court modernization

This third webinar of the three-part series hosted by CIAJ and PwC will be examining the importance of well-being, taking a more trauma-informed, human-centric approach to support legal and justice professionals and participants. From Justice to Juror, Crown to Court Security Officer – building a culture of well-being at the core of the court and within justice organizations can reduce trauma and enable a sharper focus on achieving just outcomes.

What You’ll Learn from This Session…
1. What a trauma informed approach in such cases could look like.
2. The increasing importance of wellness in the courts to support participants and professionals.
3. How this approach can be achieved in order to create a healthier justice system and experience for all those involved


  • Roxane Martel-Perron, Senior Manager, Public Safety, Defense & Justice, PwC Canada; Criminologist / Violence and Violent Extremism / Prevention. U.S. Department of State’s Combatting Hate IVLP
  • Mark Farrant, Chief Executive Officer & President; Canadian Juries Commission
  • The Honourable Justice John B. McMahon, Superior Court of Justice (Ontario)


  • Tamara Cherry, Former Crime journalist, CTV News Toronto; Founder, Pickup Communications