Webinar #1 | Hybrid Courts − The New Operational Normal (1:24:11)

This program contains 1.30 CPD hour in all Canadian provinces.

Date: This webinar was recorded on May 12, 2021
Language: In English, with simultaneous interpretation
Theme: Webinar series on court modernization


The impact of COVID-19 on society has been far-reaching. Impacts on the administration of justice during the pandemic are still being felt today with a lot of the courts and tribunals closed for hearings and doing their best to run with virtual operations. As the world enters the vaccination of their populations and a potential to return to delivering justice in a new normal, the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice (CIAJ) in collaboration with PwC Canada, host a series of discussions that leverage the learnings of the past and explore a future forward hybrid court that delivers greater access to justice and supports Canadians in the economic and societal recoveries. 

What you will learn from this session:

  • What operational and workforce changes worked or not in Virtual Courts
  • What have we learnt that surprised us and prompted new ways of thinking, legislation and reform
  • Future ingredients for success

Opening Remarks:
Christine O’Doherty, Lawyer, CIAJ Executive Director
Owen Taylor, National Government & Public Sector Leader, PwC Canada


  • The Honourable Scott Hughes, Senior Associate Chief Judge, Court of Québec
  • The Honourable Justice David Masuhara, Supreme Court of British Columbia
  • The Honourable Chief Justice Geoffrey Morawetz, Superior Court of Justice (Ontario)


  • The Honourable Justice Lana Krogan, Court of Queen’s Bench for Saskatchewan