Episode 1 | New Standard of Review: The Essentials (1:02:54)

This program contains 1 CPD hour in all Canadian provinces.

This webinar was recorded on January 30, 2020, thanks to the technical support of the Federal Court of Appeal.


The Bell-NFL-Vavilov trilogy of administrative law appeals was finally released on December 19, 2019. We are still reflecting on the ins and outs, and yet it is already time to adapt. What are the essential elements, benefits and potential impacts? This webinar will help unravel the threads and take stock by addressing specific questions such as:

  • When is the reasonableness standard applicable?
  • What does reasonableness entail?
  • Does Vavilov signal a return to a more intrusive approach?
  • What is the significance of the specialized expertise of administrative decision-makers?
  • What do “questions of central importance to the legal system as a whole” mean after the trilogy?