Role Expectations for Crown and Defence Counsel – Karen Hudson – (10:06)


Karen Hudson (10:06)

Q.C., Executive Director, Nova Scotia Legal Aid, Halifax, NS

  • Crown Attorneys will discuss: how discretionary decisions reflect mental health considerations; how to interact with unrepresented persons who have a mental illness; how to ensure respectful dealings with affected accused and witnesses; providing continuity between mileposts in the justice system; adapting relevant directives to the context of the accused/witness with mental illness; thinking about ensuring effective judicial interim release for accused with mental illness; the sentencing process for accused with mental health problems
  • Defence Counsel will canvass: taking instructions from clients who are experiencing mental health crises; establishing client service standards for the mentally distressed client; strategic planning for the client with mental health problems: NCR or other use of mental health evidence; effective counsel case law and obligations to the accused with mental health problems; special issues in procedure and practice