Live Webinar | Administrative Tribunals and COVID-19: Challenges, Solutions and Takeaways

Date: May 6, 2020
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This program contains 1 CPD hour in all Canadian provinces

This webinar is part of a series being created in reaction to the exceptional situation we are all experiencing with the development of COVID-19. CIAJ is encouraging communication and countering social isolation by bringing the legal community together. During a crisis, we should continue engaging with colleagues, pursuing learning activities and sharing useful tips, even if remotely. 

All episodes of this series are offered for free when watched live. Videos will also be made available on-demand at the cost of $35 each. Remember that our webinars are always free for CIAJ Members, although registration is mandatory for all live webinars

Overview of the fifth episode

In the wake of COVID-19, procedures are changing throughout the legal system, and those of administrative tribunals are no exception. What specific challenges have administrative tribunals encountered as they attempt to manage their files and adjudicate hearings? How have tribunals managed issues of rescheduling, and what does a video hearing look like in practice? How have protocols changed for tribunals in Canada, and how do they affect tribunals, lawyers, parties and the general public? What lessons and new procedures will tribunals take away from the health crisis?


Jennifer Khurana was appointed Vice-Chairperson of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal effective April 8, 2019 for a seven year term. She has served as a Vice-Chairperson at the Social Security Tribunal of Canada and also at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, and as a Member of the Ontario Social Benefits Tribunal. Ms. Khurana is currently Chair of the Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals.

David A. Wright has been Chair of the Law Society Tribunal and its predecessor since September 2013. For the previous six years, he was an adjudicator at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, serving as Vice-chair, Interim Chair, and Associate Chair. Mr. Wright is currently an executive board member of the Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals

Discussion: Maria Aylward, Lawyer, Manager, Project and Business Development, CIAJ
Webinar: Lynne Robichaud, Administration and Membership Manager, CIAJ

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