Episode 77: Concise Decision-Writing – Part III: Re-Designing the Judicial System

Writing Skills – Mar 2024

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This episode is part of a series on concise decision-writing designed by Chairperson of the Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal Emily Crocco. The series is comprised of four episodes (two in French and two in English):

Episode 77: Concise Decision-Writing – Part III: Re-Designing the Judicial System
Broadcast Date: March 14, 2024


In this third episode of a four-part series on “Concise Decision-Writing,” Chairperson of the Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal Emily Crocco is inviting Lawyer and PhD Candidate Jonathan Khan to discuss the importance of reliable data in determining how the judicial system can be redesigned to be more equitable and accessible.


Jon Khan is a lawyer and PhD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. His research expertise is judicial decision-making, judicial independence, written judicial decisions, empirical legal research, and using human-centred design in legal reform. His PhD research builds on previous research to examine how judicial decision-making and judicial decisions interact with Canada’s access to justice crisis, Canada’s data deficit, and the absence of deliberate design in Canada’s legal system. His research objective is two-fold: create and analyze datasets about Canada’s legal system; design improvements for judicial decision-making and written judicial decisions. His work has been relied on in academic and general publications. Jon has served as a litigator with the Federal Department of Justice, a law clerk at the British Columbia Supreme Court, and a research fellow at the University of Ottawa. He holds a BA in History and Philosophy (York University), an LLB (University of Ottawa), and an LLM (University of Toronto).


Emily Crocco is Chairperson and Full-Time Member of the Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal. She has extensive experience in administrative law, having been legal counsel at the Security Intelligence Review Committee and the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP, and an adjudicator for Ontario’s Landlord and Tenant Board and Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. Ms. Crocco has an LL.B. from McGill University and a B.A. in Politics and History from Brock University.

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