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Archived Webinars | CPD

2020 | Webinar series on “What to Do When Crisis Strikes”

Program Episode 1 Program Episode 2


March and April 2020

This program contains 1.25 CPD hour in all Canadian provinces.

List of webinars (scroll down to access the videos)

  • Episode 1, March 25, 2020 (1:15) : Becoming the Boss of Your Mental Health: Self-Management Practices for Anxiety in the Workplace
    With Ms. Nadia Hammouda, English Community Lead, Revivre
  • Episode 2, April 1, 2020 (1:00) : Mindfulness and Meditation Practices in Times of Crisis
    With Ms. Heather Cross, Lawyer, Here + Now

More episodes will be added after the live broadcasts (to be announced)


2020 | Webinar on Administrative Law: New Standard of Review: The Essentials


Recorded on January 30, 2020

This program contains 1 CPD hour in all Canadian provinces.

This webinar is made possible thanks to the technical support of the Federal Court of Appeal.


The Bell-NFL-Vavilov trilogy of administrative law appeals was finally released on December 19, 2019. We are still reflecting on the ins and outs, and yet it is already time to adapt. What are the essential elements, benefits and potential impacts? This webinar will help unravel the threads and take stock by addressing specific questions such as:

  • When is the reasonableness standard applicable?
  • What does reasonableness entail?
  • Does Vavilov signal a return to a more intrusive approach?
  • What is the significance of the specialized expertise of administrative decision-makers?
  • What do “questions of central importance to the legal system as a whole” mean after the trilogy?



2020 | Webinar on Legislative Drafting: Vavilov: Impact on Legislative Drafting


Recorded on February 19, 2020

This program contains 1.25 CPD  in all Canadian provinces.


In Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) v. Vavilov, 2019 SCC 65, the Supreme Court of Canada developed a new framework for judicial review of administrative action, focusing on two issues: selecting the standard of review and applying the reasonableness standard. In this webinar, I analyze the implications of Vavilov for legislative drafting. Institutional design choice is central to Vavilov: where the legislature creates an appeal or legislates a standard of review, courts are required to respect the relevant legislative intent. This is directly relevant to the work of legislative drafters. Other issues raised by Vavilov are also relevant to this work, including the downgrading of administrative expertise and the guidance to courts and administrative decision-makers on statutory interpretation.



2019 | Webinars on AI: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Social Media on Legal Institutions



October 16-18,  2019

Program accredited in provinces where CLE requirements for lawyers are mandatory. / Formation dont l’admissibilité a été confirmée par le Barreau du Québec aux fins de la formation continue obligatoire.

List of webinars and language (scroll down to access the videos)

  • Panel 1 (1:22:10) : The Risks and Rewards of Emerging Technologies
    With Derek Ruths (in English), Jennifer Stairs (in English) and Lorne Sossin (in English)
  • Panel 2 (1:11:34): The Influence of Social Media on the Work of Decision-Makers
    With Pierre Trudel (in French), Peter D. Lauwers (in English) and Frances Kiteley (in English)
  • Panel 3 (1:16:14): How Will Technology Alter the Truth-Seeking Process and Its Legitimacy?
    With Mark J. Sandler (in English), Sophie Bourque (in French) and Yves Boisvert (in French)
  • Panel 4 (1:-09:58): Value Extraction from Data Collection: Will We Be Needing Lawyers in the Digital Era?
    With Alain Lavoie (in French), Eric Lavallée (in French) and Benjamin Alarie (in English)
  • Panel 5 (1:28:05): Protection in the Internet Era: Privacy, Defamation and Online Reputation
    With Pierre-Luc Déziel (in French), Sue Gratton (in English) and Frédéric Letendre (in French)
  • Panel 8 (1:31:18): Student Panel: Vulnerability and Control: Deepfakes, Image-Based Abuse and Online Harm
    With Yuan Stevens (in English), Nareg Froundijian (in English) and Suzie Dunn (in English), after Xavier Dionne's opening presentation in French)
  • Panel 9 (1:29:18): Increasing Sources of Information and Integrity of the Law
    With Laurence Bich-Carrière (in French) and Nicolas Vermeys (in French)
  • Panel 10 (1:24:43): Do Modern Communication Techniques and Public Opinion Affect Judicial Decision-Making?
    With Charles Moumouni (in English), Lucie Rondeau in French) and Michele H. Hollins (in English)

Related PowerPoint presentations and papers are available in the library under "texts and articles."

Note: Panels 6 and 7 are not available.