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2019 | Webinars: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Social Media on Legal Institutions



October 16-18,  2019

Program accredited in provinces where CLE requirements for lawyers are mandatory. / Formation dont l’admissibilité a été confirmée par le Barreau du Québec aux fins de la formation continue obligatoire.

List of webinars and language (scroll down to access the videos)

  • Panel 1 (1:22:10) : The Risks and Rewards of Emerging Technologies
    With Derek Ruths (in English), Jennifer Stairs (in English) and Lorne Sossin (in English)
  • Panel 2 (1:11:34): The Influence of Social Media on the Work of Decision-Makers
    With Pierre Trudel (in French), Peter D. Lauwers (in English) and Frances Kiteley (in English)
  • Panel 3 (1:16:14): How Will Technology Alter the Truth-Seeking Process and Its Legitimacy?
    With Mark J. Sandler (in English), Sophie Bourque (in French) and Yves Boisvert (in French)
  • Panel 4 (1:-09:58): Value Extraction from Data Collection: Will We Be Needing Lawyers in the Digital Era?
    With Alain Lavoie (in French), Eric Lavallée (in French) and Benjamin Alarie (in English)
  • Panel 5 (1:28:05): Protection in the Internet Era: Privacy, Defamation and Online Reputation
    With Pierre-Luc Déziel (in French), Sue Gratton (in English) and Frédéric Letendre (in French)
  • Panel 8 (1:31:18): Student Panel: Vulnerability and Control: Deepfakes, Image-Based Abuse and Online Harm
    With Yuan Stevens (in English), Nareg Froundijian (in English) and Suzie Dunn (in English), after Xavier Dionne's opening presentation in French)
  • Panel 9 (1:29:18): Increasing Sources of Information and Integrity of the Law
    With Laurence Bich-Carrière (in French) and Nicolas Vermeys (in French)
  • Panel 10 (1:24:43): Do Modern Communication Techniques and Public Opinion Affect Judicial Decision-Making?
    With Charles Moumouni (in English), Lucie Rondeau in French) and Michele H. Hollins (in English)

Note: Panels 6 and 7 are not available.