Blog 2024

Episode 79: Creating a Modern and Accessible Legal News Platform

In this episode, CIAJ’s host Sarah Rowe is welcoming lawyer Dylan Gibbs, Founder & Author of Hearsay, a plain language email newsletter aiming to keep Canadian lawyers informed of key decisions and topical legal news.

Episode 73: The TAP Project: Building Legal and Judicial Capacities in Developing Countries

How can we contribute to strengthening judicial systems in developing countries? In this episode, CIAJ is welcoming FJA’s Deputy Commissioner Errolyn Humphreys to learn more on the Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) Project.

Episode 59: Expunging Cannabis Convictions

In this episode, Adjunct Research Professor Dr. Samantha McAleese from Carleton University and Lawyer Russell Bennett, founder of Cannabis Law, Barristers & Solicitors, tackle the topic of expunging cannabis convictions.

Episode 54: Self-Induced Intoxication: An Update on Bill C-28

In this episode, CIAJ’s Executive Director Christine O’Doherty is welcoming Professor Kent Roach to provide an update on Bill C-28 on extreme intoxication.

Episode 52: The SCC and the Matter of R. v. Brown and Self-Induced Intoxication

In this timely episode, Sarah A. Inness and Professor Kent Roach will discuss the history of the defence of self-induced intoxication, how it was interpreted and applied in previous cases, its inclusion as Section 33.1 of the Criminal Code, and the potential fallout of the Brown decision for Parliament.

Episode 46: The February Crisis and the Emergencies Act

Putting the February 2022 Crisis in context requires taking a step back and getting a better grasp of Canada’s Emergencies Act and its implications. In this timely podcast, CIAJ’s Executive Director and Lawyer Christine O’Doherty is asking UofT Faculty of Law Professor Kent Roach some crucial questions: How did we get to this point? How does federalism affect policing? What’s the Emergencies Act trying to do? What next if it doesn’t work?