Blog 2023

Episode 71: Life After Wrongful Conviction: Maria Shepherd’s Story

In this episode with her friend and UBC Innocence Project Director Tamara Levy, Maria Shepherd explains the myriad of experiences and tragic consequences that resulted from her wrongful conviction, and how it still affects her life.

Episode 70: The Toxic Drug Crisis Podcast Series: Is Harm Reduction Enough?

Three interrelated topics related to the toxic drug crisis will be addressed over the course of three episodes. This first episode focuses on harm reduction and the impact of stigma on people who use drugs. Host: Sarah Rowe Guests: Dr. Geoff Bardwell and Craig Marshall.

Episode 69: Transgender and Non-Binary Asylum Seekers in Canada

In 1991, Canada was “the first country to accept refugee petitions based on persecution due to sexual orientation or gender identity.” Over the years, recognition of 2SLGBTQIA+ vulnerability has caused the number of sexual orientation and gender identity refugee claims to increase in the country. Does Canada’s identity as a safe haven allow for an easy entry system for these claimants? In this podcast, host Sarah Rowe addresses this question and more with guests Kelly Ernst and Jay De Santi.

Episode 63: Trust and Dignity: What Do Citizens Want and Need in a Modern Justice System?

In this excerpt from CIAJ’s 2022 Conference on dignity, CIAJ Lawyer Nathan Afilalo welcomes Rheanne Scott (Director, Justice and Community Safety, PwC Canada) for a special interactive session including testimonials.

Episode 62: Accessibility and Accommodations in Law Schools

In this episode, Lan Keenan, President of the Schulich Disability Alliance and JD candidate at Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University, provides an overview of accessibility and accommodation issues and solutions in law schools.

Episode 61: The Concept of Dignity in Canadian Case Law: Ethical and Practical Aspects

In this episode, Professor Cheryl Milne and CIAJ Legal Researcher Nathan Afilalo discuss the practical aspects of the use of the concept of dignity in Canadian case law, and the ethical and practical implications of practising law consistent with the concept of dignity.

Episode 32: Dignity Part VIII

An eight-part series on dignity. In this eighth episode, we will be exploring the impact of medical aid in dying legislation on people with cognitive conditions.

Episode 31: Dignity Part VII

An eight-part series on dignity. In this seventh episode, we will be exploring how the concept of dignity, mental illness and medical aid in dying interrelate.

Episode 30: Dignity Part VI

An eight-part series on dignity. In this sixth episode, we will be exploring the connection between the concept of dignity and mental illness.

Episode 29: Dignity Part V

An eight-part series on dignity. In this fifth episode, we will be exploring what changes were made to medical aid in dying legislation from Bill C-14 to Bill C-7.