Blog 2021

Episode 27: Institutions and A2J: From Barriers to Open Doors

In this episode, Senior Legal Counsel Athanasios Hadjis welcomes Professor Patricia M. Barkaskas, who presents some conclusions of CIAJ’s 2021 National Roundtable on Administrative Law entitled “All the Voices We Don’t Hear.”

Episode 26: Testimony of a Human Rights Advocate With Lived Experience of Disability

In this episode, Professor Philip Bryden, TransCanada Chair in Administrative and Regulatory Law at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law is interviewing lawyer, human rights advocate, and accessibility consultant Michael McNeely, on his own experience with the justice system as a deaf-blind person.

Episode 23: Why Administrative Law Matters

In this mini-podcast, lawyer Lauren J. Wihak shares her views on administrative law and explains why she believes this branch of law is so important on many different levels.

Episode 12: The Implications of Vavilov for the Judicial Review and Appeals of Decisions of Self-Regulatory Professional Bodies and Other Expert Tribunals

In this episode, we will be exploring the meaning of reasonableness and correctness review, how deference may still play a role, and how decisions of self-regulatory professional bodies may now be reviewed, and more.

Episode 6: Procedural Fairness in Canadian Administrative Law

A four-part series on administrative law. Episode 6: Procedural Fairness in Canadian Administrative Law, with Professor Paul Daly. What are the historical foundations of procedural fairness? When did the rules of natural justice transform into a context-sensitive duty of fairness? What is the modern approach to review for procedural fairness? Etc.