Member benefits

There are 2460+ CIAJ members. Welcome! 

Institutional Members*: See bottom page for additional benefits offered to member organizations

Benefits offered to all members, individual and institutional:

Save up to $150 on our programs and earn CPD hours

CIAJ delivers innovative programs prepared by committees whose volunteer members are leaders in their professions. Our signature programs suit all levels of experience and budgets. CIAJ’s programs are eligible for CPD hours in all provinces.

Our activities include:

  • online and in-person training programs;
  • webinars on current topics;
  • annual three-day conference on a cutting-edge topic;
  • conferences and webinars on legislative drafting;
  • seminars on administrative law;
  • seminars on judgment writing;
  • seminars for new federally appointed judges and for long-serving judges;
  • roundtables on various topics;
  • annual fellowship supporting research to improve the administration of justice.

Watch webinars for free or at a preferred rate

Members can log on to CIAJ’s website and access webinars free of charge or at a preferred rate. 

Become part of a multidisciplinary organization

CIAJ is a non-profit, independent organization that links individuals and institutions involved in the administration of justice across Canada. Its work is multidisciplinary and wide-ranging. Collaborating with governments, courts, tribunals, professional associations, law schools and law firms, CIAJ sponsors and conducts conferences and specialized seminars and prepares comprehensive papers and reports. Its services are offered in both official languages. 

No matter what your role is in the justice system or where you work, CIAJ’s individual or institutional memberships offer you access to the people and resources required to build your career and make a difference in advancing the administration of justice.

Join a professional network across Canada and expand your practice

CIAJ members come from all regions of Canada and include members of the legal profession, the judiciary, professors and law students, legislative drafters, members of administrative tribunals, journalists, court personnel, representatives of government agencies, staff of social and police agencies and the public.

Join our 2,460+ members who enjoy debates and discussions on cutting-edge issues designed to improve the administration of justice. Access high-quality education, expand your network, engage in the community and seize the opportunity to share your knowledge.

Help train the next generation of justice ambassadors

Nothing is more rewarding than sharing your skills and experience with other professionals, and we offer you ample opportunity to do that. Come and assist us with planning events, mentoring law students, teaching workshops, leading seminars and contribute to educational resource development.

Be a powerful voice for the public

Get involved in shaping the administration of justice. CIAJ works hard to make a difference. Become a member and add your voice to the effort. Improving the administration of justice results in a more efficient justice system and ultimately, improves access.

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For more details about membership, contact our Executive Director, Ms. Christine O’Doherty at or 514-731-2855.

***The membership fee is recoverable by federally-appointed judges under S. 27(1) of the Judges Act. Provincial and Territorial judges, other judicial officers and board and tribunal members may be entitled to reimbursement through judicial or other professional allowances.


*Additional benefits offered to Institutional Members as organizations:

Did you know that CIAJ has been designing customized training for various courts and tribunals that are Institutional members and could prepare such programs exclusively for your team (in person or online)? A few examples of the training offered can be found on this page:

More institutional membership benefits can be offered to organizations that will ask for them:

  • Institution name and hyperlink on CIAJ’s institutional members listing web page
  • Special announcement in CIAJ’s biannual newsletter to members only
  • Social media posts with job postings or special announcement
  • Job Posting on CIAJ’s website
  • Special blog post on CIAJ’s website
  • Special episode on CIAJ’s podcast “In All Fairness”
  • Gift certificate for one person to participate in one of CIAJ’s programs, to be drawn among the participants at one of your major events

Discover our online library

We encourage you to visit our online library, where you will find webinar and conference videos, papers, articles and reports on a variety of topics from our many educational instructors. Are you looking for a specific topic? Use the search icon located on the right-hand side of the menu, type a keyword and hit enter.