Customized Training

CIAJ brings training right to your door! 

“I have attended various decision writing programs over my career but this program exceeded expectations. It is very challenging but also highly rewarding. It performs at a very elevated level, largely because of the talent and dedication of the presenters, teachers and organizers.”
“It was simply the best course I have ever taken. It was so fantastic that if I had to pay fair value, I would not be able to afford it.”
(Comments from participants in the decision writing program)

With its experience in legal training over the past 40 years, the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice provides customized training to best meet your needs. Here are a few examples:

Administrative tribunals

Indigenous communities

  • Basic training in administrative law
  • Tools for understanding Indigenous values
  • Dispute resolution skills
    – Consult the program prepared for Chippewas First Nation

For players in the administration of justice

  • Managing parties who represent themselves
  • Plain language communication
  • Training programs on the Canadian judicial system and the administration of justice

CIAJ analyzes your needs and tools in order to develop customized, bilingual, tailored training based on your experience.

To develop and deliver the training, we draw on our vast network of experts made up of experienced judges, well-known academics, lawyers and consultants from all across the country.

Our programs consist of a combination of theoretical presentations, discussions and workshops that promote learning. This approach enables us to provide customized training at the leading edge of legal education and current trends.

CIAJ is one of those exceptional national organizations that provides training to all players in the judicial system, which gives it a unique perspective on current issues and each one’s needs. In 2017, CIAJ provided 16 training programs, over 64 days, in 8 Canadian cities and involved the participation of 242 speakers.

To find out more or request customized training

Please contact the Executive Director, Ms. Christine O’Doherty
Tel.: 514-343-6111 ext. 4096
Fax: 514-343-6296