Resources for Families

Three Principles to Improve Outcomes for Children and Families, 2017 (updated 2021), Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University

The coParenter platform provides families with a number of tools to help them manage, organize and resolve everyday co-parenting responsibilities, with (or without) the assistance of a coach or mediator. These tools include:

  • documented messaging, with a language filter that coaches parents to use appropriate language
  • templates and support to create parenting time schedules, which can be incorporated into existing online calendars. This includes regular schedules, vacation schedules and holidays
  • tools to reach agreement on issues, activities and schedules
  • tracking parenting time
  • triage and diagnose issues
  • share child-related information
  • manage and document expenses

Families can be referred to sign up for coParenter at
Perhaps most important, is the overall coaching and empowerment of families that is achieved through the online tool, coaching and mediation process.

Divorce Magazine
The Divorce Magazine is a free publication that is available on public stands at locations throughout Edmonton and Calgary. The Magazine includes information about a variety of supports and services for families dealing with the challenges of separation and divorce. It is also available online at:

There is an article about the RFJS at pages 5-6 of the current (2021) issue of the magazine, and in each of the past 5 issues.

– Divorce Resource Groups
These are monthly meetings hosted by the publisher of Divorce Magazine, to bring together members of the public who are dealing with separation and divorce, with professionals who can help navigate. For more information see:

Family Supports
There are 180 Family and Community Support Services throughout Alberta, with the mandate to support families and prevent harm. A list of all of the member organizations in the Family & Community Support Services Association of Alberta is available on the FCSS Association of Alberta website, under Documents and Resources You can choose a list of all organizations, or regional program lists.

– New Ways for Families
New Ways for Families (NWFF) ran a 3-year pilot in Medicine Hat, which was a collaboration between the Ministry of Justice & Solicitor General, legal and social service practitioners and the Court. The case study of this program showed tremendous value in this approach. Online courses are available to learn about the approach and gain the skills to coach families to better approaches:

– Office of the Child and Youth Advocate
Alberta’s Child & Youth Advocate (an independent officer of the Alberta Legislature) recently issued a “Statement of Concern” regarding the well-being of children whose families are involved in high-conflict custody disputes.