Legislative counsel

The Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice (CIAJ) participates in the improvement and advancement of the administration of justice by catering to the legislative drafting community. Its legislative drafting conferences are among the principal sources of continuing legal education for the legislative drafting community across Canada and attract participants from around the world as well. The CIAJ fulfills this mandate by organizing national conferences and webinars on legislative drafting.

Conference themes:

Webinar topics:

  • Judicial Review of Delegated Legislation: The Long and Winding Road to Vavilov
  • Vavilov: Impact on Legislative Drafting
  • A Rules-based Approach to Measuring Prescriptivity in Canadian Regulations
  • Mesurer la prescriptivité de la réglementation canadienne
  • L’intention du législateur: un construit juridique
  • Legislative Drafting: Mathematics in Legislation
  • Legislative Drafting and Legislative Forms: Plato, Prescription and Paradox
  • Interpretation Acts
  • Le principe de neutralité technologique : consécration jurisprudentielle et ambiguïté conceptuelle
  • Technology-Neutral Drafting
  • Inviting Drafting Instructions

The CIAJ also collaborates with key partners such as Athabasca University, the Association of Parliamentary Counsel in Canada, the Association of Legislative Counsel in Canada and other related professional institutions.